Different Types of Apartment Developments to Choose From


Apartment units have become popular among those who find it too costly to have detached homes. Majority of dwellers choose apartments since they are self-contained with all the amenities of daily living. It comes with parking space and security as with other housing types. Among the many new apartment developments, dwellers can choose to buy or rent it depending on their budget. The following is a list of apartment type properties that any family can choose. Learn more about joseph place apartments, go here.
The first type is the loft which is originally not intended for residential dwelling. It is repurposed to make the space livable; hence you can expect to see high ceilings and windows. Its space can either be too small or too big to accommodate around three bedrooms. They are often within the higher office floors. Find out for further details on Footscray apartment developments right here.
The garden apartment is more expensive but it gives you access to a garden that is shared by other apartment dwellers. This may be a ground or basement apartment or a rooftop and a unit below the rooftop that can share the garden found in the rooftop.
Then there’s the convertible type of apartment. This is the type that necessitates walling off the huge area to set up more rooms.
Another type is the garage apartment which is a repurposed garage. Many of this type of units are rented since they’re annexed to a main house. This may or may not have parking space with it depending of course on its space. There are places wherein the only residents allowed to reside in garage apartments are relatives.
You can also find duplex, triplex, and quadplex units that can be bought or rented. The duplex is made up of two levels that have a shared wall. The triple on the other hand is a three-unit dwelling while quadplex has four. There are different entrances for every unit to allow for privacy.
Single room occupancy is also another type of apartment. This usually has separate bedrooms and bathrooms but the occupants share the same kitchen, dining area, etc. Most of its occupants are travelers and transient workers although there are those who choose to reside in them for good.
You must have heard of the railroad apartment as well. This type has no hallway that separates all the rooms. The entrances to each unit can be found on the outside. Its layout is often lengthwise; hence one of its main distinguishable features is its lengthy shape.
Another type is the studio type wherein all the living quarters can be found in the same room. This is often called the L-shaped or alcove apartment.


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